The Most Fun of Brides

One of the entertainments where the brides get rid of all the stress with the few days before the wedding is henna invitations or bachelorette fun.
In accordance with the concept preferred in Izoletta henna entertainments, you can experience a real henna night atmosphere with standard decorations, henna materials and the henna team.
Henna or Bachelorette parties
We host our guests with a special offer on weekdays except Friday.
For invitations of less than 50 people, the organization is held at Izoletta Glass Salon.
What’s Available in Our Campaign Henna Invitations?
  • Henna Cocktail Treats
  • Standard Izoletta Sound, Lighting System and Dj
  • Non-Alcoholic or Alcoholic Serving
  • Henna Gift Packages
  • Henna Ceremony Order
  • Domestic or Foreign Beverage Service
  • Wedding cake
  • Entertainment