A Pleasure Place in the Middle of Nature…

You will feel comfortable with your family and loved ones in a magnificent nature in Istanbul; We promise a place where you will find comfort, elegance, quality and pleasure together.

Each table of special wood masters is specially designed, we have decorations made with natural materials. A special and different meal with friends; A romantic anniversary celebration, a breakfast and brunch with your family in the forest on Sunday are just a few of the services Izoletta can offer you.

We Host Your Most Special Day…

The different atmosphere of Izoletta also attracts our couples to get married. After the wedding ceremony held in the middle of the trees, Izoletta makes your special night unforgettable with its wooden decorated terrace that offers a different option for rural weddings.

Contact us for many different alternative organizations for your invitations such as wedding, engagement, birthday party, circumcision, henna.

Other organizations: Openings, Baby shower, Dealer meeting, Invitation and reception, Birthday, Corporate events, Graduation ceremonies, Engagement, Party, Picnic, Circumcision wedding